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Who is God
There is spirituality in the Cosmos really?

I believe it is yet the appropriate time to the necessary knowledge and study of those principles of the Metaphysics and Cosmos spirituality that seems to be the foundations and base of the whole Universe, and of our own being.
And of course, a fundamental question for humans will be the referent to the existence of God, because of in all the civilizations was being created this concept and belief with more or less extension, meaning and transcendence.
In this circumstance the logic will take us to think that:
"If in all the civilizations the belief in gods exists, this should be due in all them an instinctive, intuitive or semi-unconscious sensation will be created in their minds by mean of the observation of the structuring of the surrounding nature.
If we observe the great and intelligent structuring of nature, logically it is due to this intelligence exists there.
Say, "something mystic and deep", not material, but perfectly perceived by our intelligence and feeling exists in nature.
For example,
If hypothetically a man wake up in an unknown planet, and later on of travelling part of this planet, he observe the existence of some building, constructions, canals and irrigations, etc., then and without to have seen any intelligent being yet, he would think (correctly) that in this planet must to exist intelligent beings (then or recently).
The same along the human development, we could have observed as nature creates complex forms of life: Plants and trees; forms of sophisticated biology; and finally intelligent and creative being as us and other animals, surely we go acquiring the instinctive idea and convincement that the Cosmos en general and nature in particular have and work with great creative intelligence, and it is stuffed of infinite physical, mathematical, chemical, norms, rules, laws and capacity of ordination for getting this continuous creation that we can observe.
The same, if hypothetically alone one man would exist on the earth, without any religious indoctrination possibly he would think the Cosmos have a base of intelligence and creativity to what he could denominate as Cosmic Entity of intelligence and creativity.
In the same way he could conclude that the whole Universe is an intelligent Entity in continuous creation.

As we can see with this examples, perhaps the important things is not the existence of not of God, but to define and treat of understand the consistence of that God.
In our time, to any human shouldn't be normal the negation of the existence of intelligence and creativity in the Cosmos or Universe, because of their existence is easily visible around us when anything is composed, contain and it is built by means of these intelligence and creativity.
Space, time, energy, matter; particles, atoms, molecules; cellules, plants, trees, animal, etc., all and each one of them alone are compositions and structuring of intelligence, physical and mathematical laws, of architectonic structuring, etc.
Inclusive, the initial chaos of any type is also an intelligent way of interrelating different elements with the finality of finding the complementation among their properties and this way to get new a more complex and sophisticate elements.
For example, the chaos of elements in a new planet, where all its component elements crash continually among them to this way the basic elements can reaction among them forming new chemical compounds more complex and evolved.

Of course, other persons not indoctrinate in the atheism exist, which deny anything relative to the existence of that intelligent and creative Entity in the Cosmos, and alone bet for to being all of casual nature.
But the question arises quickly,
Are casual the rules and laws of physics, mathematics, chemical, etc., that manage the Cosmos architecture?
The answer must to be: No, of course.
In the same way, the human intelligence and creation capacity it is not of our invention, it is alone the observation and application of what we see in nature.

Well, once considered that the Cosmos is a set, near to infinite, of intelligence and creativity, and when being constant this creative activity also must to be constant the intelligence and creativity of this cosmic Entity, and this way, we can consider that this Entity is alive and present in any place and in any time.
But much more, for many philosophers, not alone this intelligent and creative Entity exists in the Cosmos, but simply it is alone this Entity what exists, the other things of the world are alone simple, volatile and ethereal creations.
For example, the physical, chemical, structural, etc., laws in any moment can create an apple, which will mature and to be eaten by an animal, but the same structural laws will continue existing and creating new apples and another fruits with the same finality: To make marvelous creations along the world.

The human Gods

Well, let's consider now this nascent humanity, which with its little acquired intelligence it is able to begin to observe certain degree of creativity and intelligence in the surrounding nature.
Soon, due to the wonderful qualities that this humanity observes in nature, it starts to build some beliefs and beginning religions all that supported in not visible or spiritual Character (God) that contain these creative, intelligent and wonderful qualities.
But of course, as human beings all these discoveries by observation should be adapted to its own nature, with its own similitudes, familiar organization, social organization, power systems, etc.
In this case, as herd animals, tribal organization, hierarchic organization, etc., this Entity or God should be the leader or king of the herd, tribe, etc., to which any must to gives obey, homage and submission.
And so, the humans created their gods to their image and likeness.
Then, all the human gods were born with the qualities that these humans were given them as for their mentality, say, humanoid gods created by humanoids.


This way we have to our Christian religion, where God decides come down to our world by mean of his son Jesus Christ to save us of not well-known inherited sins.
With the same finality, all the religions have its own envoys and prophets.
Now well, nowadays all these religions are totally unsatisfactory for the current mental development of humans.
We shouldn't cover and maintain with mysteries, long litanies, endless prayers, sectarian customs, etc., what our mind rejects; what it is unable of understanding or go against any human logic.
Of course, it is logical that these religious believes have their supporters without the existence of other better and more improved explanations.
Nevertheless, it is time to go penetrating in that real meaning of the Cosmos, passing from being mere lambs and worshipers of an unreachable, absent and distant God (in religions) to be good component and participant of this great and present creation that is the Universe.

But let me use the present religious beliefs to unite them adequately with the reality of the cosmic Entity. Here we could ask ourselves, what about truth in religious belief?
Of course in the fundamentals, that is, that there is an intelligent and creative Entity that acts in all places and time of the universe.
Therefore, it would be good to establish firstly what we understand by that Intelligent and creative cosmic Entity, which could be:
"The sets of intelligence and creativity existent and component of all the Cosmos or Universe, which for its uniformity it seems to be a compact and unique Entity, say, that forms an unique cosmic element with intelligence and sensibility for the creation."

Then, what finality has humanities in the creation?

By one side, and as any other thing, we are creations of the cosmic intelligence.
But on the other side, our development as living beings allows us going assimilating and acquiring that intelligence and creative capacity that the cosmic Entity have and use, in such a way that we don't alone are creations but also we can use of that intelligence and creativity that the cosmic Entity has.
As for example, if an engineer mounts an automobile, that engineer is using part of the knowledge of the physical laws that the comic Entity has.
In this case, the engineer as alive being has a short live and dies quickly, but its knowledge will continue existing in nature and other engineers forever.
Say, we have in part alive beings that die easily, but in part we are essence of intelligence and creativity of the cosmic Entity that lasts forever.
To explain this, I usually put the example of the mathematics book due to its easiness.
If we analyze a book with interesting mathematical expositions and theorems, it is not doubt that the paper or volume of the book is the less interesting thing; what it is more interesting are the mathematical systems and theorems that contain, for example, the Pythagoras theorem.
This case, the book can age, to be destroyed or burned, etc., with which this book will disappear. Now well, its theorems and mathematical postulates will continue existing in all places of the Cosmos, and being applied by any mathematician around the world.
Logically we the humans have very much amount of spiritual qualities than a simple book.
Of course, nowadays when we have so little evolved mentally, we haven't conscience of this quality and alone we worry about our material body.
But don't worry, step by step our Ego will take more and more conscience of our intelligent and creative capacity, understanding at the same time that these capacities don't disappear with our death, but they continue creating around the great Universe, because of they aren't ours, but borrowed from the cosmic Entity.
When we have more mental and spiritual development and our Ego will be situated in a higher level in our mind, the fear to death will go disappearing.
We should go taking in mind that we are cosmic creativity in action and not simple animal bodies that must to eat daily.
On the other hand, I think this circumstance is coming yet to our minds.
Alone it is necessary a little of mental development, mainly taking conscience of the Universe and nature in whole be mean of the observation and analysis of the qualities that they have.
A simple observation of the landscapes that surround us, trying to understand and to absorber them as a whole it is enough.
For this, I put below few examples

Future of the humanities

I'm not optimistic about the future of ours and other humanities, because of I understand that soon or later they will succumb by catastrophes or simply by boredom and exhaustion of staying living as humans.
Really the human beings seem to have the finality of being fictional characters in the history of the creation, simply playing the role of an actor in the great theater of the world.
On the other hand, I think it is not important the final of the humanities, in the same way that it is not important the indefinite conservation of any other species of animals or plants.
No, the important thing fortunately for humans is to be able the use, each time bigger, of one part of the spirituality of the cosmic Entity, which will continue creating and working through time, already as humanoids as later on.
Then our duty is enlarge our content in intelligent and creative spirituality, making that our Ego goes closely situating in that spirituality, each time far away from our animal instincts of conservation of our bodies.
Of course, this spirituality is simply to have bigger intelligence and creative capacity each time, getting also a more powering, stable and constant conscience of all these questions.

The creative Spirit.

In other studies I have treat of analyzing a little the properties and faculties of that creative Entity of the Universe, but here alone we see a simple reflection on the creative faculty of the Cosmic Entity.
Creation seems to be a faculty and a necessity of the Cosmic Entity with which he could show, to make manifestation and give live to its capacity of Intelligence and Sensibility, because without give action and live to these faculties they will last asleep, inert, as if they would not exist.
Precisely this will be one foundation for creating intelligent humanities: that these go discovery step by step all the faculties of intelligence and creativity that the Cosmic Entity has.
Say, with us the Cosmic Entity goes rediscovery itself continually.

Now well, in is positive side, this creative faculty of manifestation of intelligence and creativity through the Cosmos should give in turn a positive feeling of pleasure and satisfaction due to the made creation.
But what would be this feeling?
Surely the well-known feeling of Happiness (satisfaction due to the well-made work)
The same thing should affect to the humans: any creativity and well-made work should produce us an interior feeling of happiness due to this way we are given live to our qualities and faculties.

Then, how we could get to understand the Cosmos as an intelligent and creative Entity?

We could get it mainly with a whole and complete vision of all the things of the world that surrounding us. With this we can go enlarging our mind and taking conscience of the spirituality, intelligence and creativity that the Cosmos has, which is common and component of ours.
Say, our intelligence and capacity of creation is alone a little branch of the great spirituality of Cosmos.
To go getting these faculties, we can make simple trainings as could be to analyze deeply the composition interior of things, checking that any material things is alone an intelligent composition of other minor ones, these in turn are intelligent and ordered composition of another minor ones, and so forth.

Nowadays we know perfectly the physical nature of things.
For example, we know that atoms are near empty, being alone void space with nuclei and few electrons rotating to their surroundings.
In turn these electrons and nuclei are composed by other minor ones, these by other minor ones, and so forth.
Later on we have energy, and finally space and time as simple physical concepts.
For example, if we take a simple indicative address poster, we see as the writing show us certain address. But analyzing this information we can see as the writing are composition of letters, ordered intelligently to gives the correct address.
Analyzing interiorly each letter we can prove that they simple colored painting.
Analyzing the painting we see that it is a composition of adequate and ordered molecules to get the convenient color.
Later on, molecules are atoms; atoms are particles, etc. etc.
At the end and, as common element of any physical thing, we observe alone intelligent, ordered and exponential composition of creative principles.


This exercise could be made much extensively with any other physical element as can be a tree, a clock, an animal, etc., and we can prove that the final interior structure is the same: organization intelligent mounted over other inferior organization intelligent, and so forth.
Then nothing basic material exists, uniquely an interior organization and intelligent creativity as common and component denominator en any created element.
So, the Cosmos is creative intelligence in all and each phases y cosmic levels, whether is in the microcosm as in the macrocosm.
And we are bodies as intelligent and creative buildings in all the phases and levels, but with the peculiarity of being able to use of the cosmic essence to create composed elements on the earth.
Besides, when we transfer knowledge to our children; when the teacher teaches to its pupils; when scientists search, discovery and transmit their discoveries; when the artist or writer expose their works, etc., all they are converted in true developers and transmitters of the Cosmic Entity, besides of making interesting creations in the world.


Then what we should do in this world?

As I said before, we are like actors who must to perform a play in that great theater or novel that is our world.
Then our duty is to make the play the best possible.
Take in mind that the best and correct way to stay in this world is the constant improvement, continue creation, to respect and support the creations of other, to learn and teach new concepts for this way we can improve and develop our civilization and surrounding nature better, etc.
And very prominent thing:
"It doesn't matter or worry about our final or death, the very important thing is the development in our lifetime, here on the earth"
Later on, the same intelligence and creativity of which we participate will make all types of creations along the Universe, and perhaps in other universes or places.
For any actor is not important what occur later of the play, but its roll and development during the play.

The conciousness of the Cosmic Entity

A common question that ask me people often it is if I think the Cosmic Entity has consciousness, say, if this Entity is aware of what makes and of Itself.
I think that yes, probably It should have, but cosmic consciousness not human consciousness.
Say, humans have instinctive bases of survival such as feeding instinct, sexual, defense or conservation, possession, domination, etc. and many other social instincts.
Also we have many humanoid feelings as can be fear (for auto-protection), possession (to get food, goods, social power, etc.), sexual (love, sexual pleasure, etc.), and many more.

Good, all these instincts and feelings which shape our consciousness and how to proceed should to be a little far from the consciousness of the Cosmic Entity.
The Cosmic Entity should be firstly and mainly total creation, and so, its finality will be surely to create and manifest its qualities and aptitudes of intelligence and sensitivity extensively and continually.
But for this Entity our instincts not influence in its behavior, bur its qualities and cosmic viewpoints.
For example, for us the human to die (mainly the death of any parent) is something terrible, but for the Cosmic Entity should to be so much important the creation of a living being, as its aging and death. All that is creation, and so positive.
For a better understanding I use to put the example of the author (Cosmic Entity) and the actor (Character in the play or novel)
For its author, the murderer is as important as the victims of killings.
Contrarily, the victims could think the author of the novel is bad and a true fiend.

In the same way for us, if a train derails and 50 people die (children, nuns, man, women) we could say this case that God (or the Cosmos Entity) is an assassin when making that; but for the Cosmic Entity it is alone the creation of death, pain, despair, anger; also aids, fraternization, hospitalization, wound healing, familiar worries, tears and sobs, etc., say, for the Cosmic Entity all that is living and creations extremely sensitive when producing thousands of human feelings on the earth.

Then, perhaps we must to stop a moment and think:
If the earth was a paradise where we were always lying and resting, taking a gin-cola all the time, and laughing continually, this would be good?
No, of course it will be stupid, ridicule and without sense.

Conclusion: the tears are good, the death is good, pains is good, accidents are good, aging is good, etc., because all these things are creations of great sensitivity and sentiment on the earth.




Reason of Religions


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