Particles accelerators.
Boson W, Z, Higgs
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Particles accelerators.
Boson W, Z, Higgs
Artificial physics Vs. Natural physics

"The W, Z, Higgs etc. bosons have not been discovered, they have been created artificially in the particles accelerator." .
They aren't natural particles, but artificial unstable products that have demonstrated not survive in nature, and so, unable to construct structural theories with them.




Particle accelerators in general are machines that produce and accelerate all types of subatomic particles which are colliding at very high speeds with the idea of studying the subatomic matter and produce new particles.
So the first thing we must to take in mind, as can be seen in the results, is that these products obtained in particle accelerators are artificial products.
This premise is very important because many scientists conclude that the particles created in accelerators are actually particles that already exist in nature, and this is wrong.
The Cosmos needs to be built by consistent, durable and stable particles that prolong its structure over time.
Thus the atoms are structured by stable nuclear matter that produces the gravitational and magnetic fields necessary to construct their orbits and capture their orbital ones as the leptons or electrons.


However, the collision of large amounts of subatomic particles give us as result any type of subatomic masses in imbalance, when not having created yet the necessary magnetic fields to capture electrons and form atoms.
Immediately to be created by the collision of subatomic particles, these large masses or artificial particles begin to create their gravitational fields, to be subdivided into the proper masses to form some kind of atoms and to capture the electrons needed to become these atoms.
This duration to our level is very short, infinitesimals of second, and during this time we considered these particles as "artificial particles in the process of balance".
Therefore, and as we have said, these artificial particles are consequence of the great physical particle collisions and only will be considered natural when already they have been balanced and become stable particles similar to atoms and other stable subatomic particles.


As an example of these artificial particles we have those produced in accelerators from 1983 such as W, Z bosons and the latest Higgs Boson.
These particles are similar in mass to atomic nuclei of iron or cesium, but without electrons.
Depending on the number of electrons that these big nuclei go capturing and the number of orbits occupied by other lower energy particles, these artificial particles will go having different and circumstantial states of balance for ending up forming the corresponding stable atoms.


This way, the Standard Theory of particle physics is also an artificial physics theory that doesn't correspond with the cosmic reality, when it use the artificial and unstable particles for construct a cosmic theory that is not given in the cosmic nature.
Summarizing, the artificial particles W, Z, Higgs, etc., they are not discoveries in nature, but artificial products existent alone inside the giant accelerator of particles.


Then, what has been proven really with the artificial creation of the W, Z bosons and especially the Higgs boson?
Because they are artificial and unstable particles that may not survive in nature, and therefore, the fields and Higgs boson theories are erroneous and lacking of any real application in the Cosmos.


The theory of fields and bosons of Higgs from my point of view are an clear error due to they look for some way to explain what is mass and how it is acquired, but betting on some bosons that do not appear anywhere, and could only be obtained in particle accelerators.
That is, if these huge and heavy bosons are not found in nature, it is because they do not exist.
However, the solution seems very simple:
What is mass? Well, the amount of matter that a particle has.
And beware; they all have matter even as small as a photon.
What is matter then? Because of the condensation of cosmic energy, which as seen in physics, is transmutable and equivalent to each other. e = m.c^2
Who measures mass and matter? Well, the gravitational fields that attract and accumulate matter, but not the Higgs fields or bosons.
Then the question is: Why we search elements impossible of encountering, when we have these well-known elements in front of us?
That is, in the standard theory if we delete the word Higgs (boson and fields) and replace it with word and concept gravity, we have include, unified and completed part of the current physical theories of forces and elements.
And that is one of the foundations of my cosmic and atomic theory.