Time, Relativity and clocks
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Time, clocks and Relativity
Tales and clocks' fables.


Some of the foundations or tests that try to justify the relativity theory in the sense of the time variation in function of speed and gravity, it is the one relative to the backwardness/advance of clocks on airships.

On this question, I believe and suppose many manipulations in the observations and applied formulas to be able the final affirmation that "certainly the backwardness/advance of the clocks demonstrates the consistency of the relativity in the time variation", besides demonstrating an almost absolute lack of knowledge of basic physical principles.

Although when being very confuse, long and complicated of explaining the different phases of this great "confusion" (being generous when not call it manipulation), I take in mind alone the kernel of the question, which on the other hand, is vary simple.

And the kernel of the question so simple is:

"In no moment and in no circumstance it is time that moves clocks"

The clocks are mechanical, electro-mechanics, atomic systems, etc., in which the motion that they mark always comes determined by the balances and development of the forces and elements that structure and move them.


For example, if we fit in our house a pendulum clock in such a way that it keep almost exact, and later on we take it away to the external space where there is not gravity, and there we lift the pendulum so that this way it can begins its oscillation, we will be surprised of seeing as this pendulum remains lifted and the clock doesn't move neither works.
Equal would make a sand clock, because in the outer space without gravity the sand doesn't fall.

Then we can ask ourselves: Could be that in places without gravity "TIME DOESN'T PASS"?, as erroneously a relativist could conclude.

Certainly NOT; simply the forces that move to clock don't act in this place.

In contrary sense, a spiral-spring clock due to its frictions, atmospheric pressure, etc. in the space without gravity it will "walk" speedier.

In the same way, the atomic clocks of any type; of radioactive oscillation; laser; biochemical or of any other device, they are always affected for the gravitational fields, temperatures, etc.

In this case, far from the gravitational fields the atomic clocks advance a little speedier because the gravitation is a force that exercises certain "pressure" on atoms, decreasing its oscillation and this way its rhythm of measuring time.

But we could also make a clock of nuclear fission in which the gravity increase the atomic disintegration giving us an advance in the clocks.

As we see, while the pendulum clocks (and others) advance speedier in the gravitational fields, the atomic clocks (and other) delay in these fields.

And the question is logical and necessary:

Which of them are good to demonstrate the real and authentic change of rhythm of time in different circumstances?
Naturally NONE, since time is not a force that can act on the clocks, when it is infinitely distant and disconnected of the mechanisms and force that move the clocks.

Of course that any relativist will make anything to demonstrate its theory; although this intent is ridiculous and stupid for incongruous and unhappy.


For the speed of light to be constant, it is necessary that space and time be stationary, because if the different frames of reference also have different times and different local space, then it is not possible to keep the speed of light constant between a frame A and frame B.

Dear relativists, sorry to be a little aggressive, but sometimes it is necessary to be a little hard if we want to be clear and comprehensible.