Dreams and unconscious logical computing
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Dreams and unconscious logical computing


Many are the circuits and functional modules in which we could divide our brain and mind.
However, here we put two modules to schematically analyze what dreams are (A), and on the way, what would the logical (intelligent) computation (B) consist of that the brain can execute when we are asleep.

Throughout the mental procedure you can follow an order of mental processes such as:

1) Start by physical needs and external sensations and observations.
2) Arousal of instincts and feelings carried out by these external needs and observations.
3) Discrimination and prioritization of these instincts and feelings according to their potential and predetermined priority.
4) Intelligent discrimination to determine the external actions to take according to the prioritized instincts and feelings.
5) And finally, execution of the pertinent actions to achieve our purposes.
Well, when we sleep we proceed to disconnect the sensitive discriminator 3) from the intelligent discriminator 4), leaving the body without motor capacity or the ability to make intelligent decisions to solve problems.
But this does not mean that the brain is totally paralyzed, but simply proceeds to the previous disconnection to facilitate the rest of the brain and body of the individual.

(A) However, in the mind there are still many latent records in the form of desires and fears that we have had in everyday life when we were awake.
Well, these fears and encumbered desires are freed from the conscious decisions of our body, and they try to execute and satisfy themselves autonomously, that is, without external execution.
And they do it simulating a purely mental execution, which unfortunately does not have the intelligent discriminator (which is disconnected) to choose the appropriate characters and scenarios, and it does it in a crude and stupid way:
For instance,
--If there is an important fear from your boss, it will possibly execute this fear, perhaps choosing an inappropriate character, such as the policeman who detains you and gives you a heavy fine.
--Or if you more or less unconsciously understand that you are a genius of music or science, possibly you will dream that you can fly over others without them being able to do so.

(B) Another peculiarity that I understand can occur in the brain and mind is that when the sensitive and intelligent discriminators are disconnected, the latter can also have some deductive autonomy and can logically compute some of the problems that have not been solved when awake, perhaps because of having too many problems to solve and little time and tranquility to do it.
We could call this ability unconscious logical computing, because we are not awake when it occurs.
The solutions found by this procedure have not yet reached consciousness, but they do so easily at any time of quiet or conscious review of data and problems.