Theoricles de Alexandria
Pharaonic Tales
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Theoricles de Alexandria.
Father of the theoretical physics.
Pharaonic tales.


We was moving on the second century b. C. in the city of Alexandria where more than 300 years of peaceful coexistence and mixture of several type of peoples as Greeks, Persians, Hittites, Egyptians, Romans; Nubians and other ones, which takes us to such as enrichment in culture, science, manners and new ideas that sprouts and flowers extensively the inventive and creation of new discoveries in the world of the science and art, and where was common any type of discussion in philosophy, physics, mathematics or art in any forum or salon already were scientific, collegial, religious or simply among friends.
In this warmed environment for the scientific and philosophic thoughts it is wasn't rare that our friend Theoricles lasts interested by these themes, and later on, he began to development and give to know his own thoughts and philosophic and mathematical theories.
Theories that produced great admiration and respect to the highest levels, but finally they bring suffering, ruin and defenestration on the life and works of Theoricles.

Theoricles was initiated by his father in the construction craft where he learned theory and practice of measurement as well adjustment of the architectonic structures, beginning very soon to use his own devices of measurement.

When was 19 years old, he built his own rule to measure highs; the disappeared device of Theoricles (right triangle of Theoricles).
It consists of a right triangle with the two legs of the same longitude, which are good as support of measurement.
One of them usually was situated horizontally and coincident with the base of the building to measure (supporting leg).
The other one (marker leg), with scalar marks, was aligned vertically with the building to measure, and then to annotate the mark coincident with the altitude of the building (angular value k).
Later on, he alone had to multiply the distance (d) from the building by this angular value (k) to obtain the building altitude h. ( h = d . k )
Besides, this device had a tripod to facilitate the work position.

* As we see later (Ubiquity principle) the angular value (k) is a very important parameter because of it says us our position regarding to the other objects of the universe, being its ideal value for k = 1, which is when we are in the best position for the observation and analysis of the object to study.


For example, observing a vase of 40 cmts tall from 40 cmts of distance; a bush of 1 m. tall from 1 m. of distance; a house of 6 ms. tall from 6 ms. of distance; the earth of 12.000 km of diameter observed from 12.000 km of distance, etc.

Say, if you would observe an object in the best way, the object should be situated to such distance that occupies all your visual field, without surpass it. Being this case the approximate value for k = 1


Say, to measure a pyramid he went to situate on a prudential and adequate distance (d), and positioning the device correctly, he measured the altitude coincident in the marker leg (k) with the building altitude (h).
Later on he proceeded to multiply the distance (d) by the angular mark o value (k) to obtain the altitude of the building (h)

It seems to be that during some time he was measuring pyramids and other great buildings, but his gauges disappeared, perhaps in the Alexandria Library burning, or when he was executed due to this pretentious theories.
Alone we have knowledge, by indirect references, of the measurement of the great pyramid.
It is said that he went and stood about 500 ms. from the pyramid center; there he fixed adequately his gauge device obtaining 0,3 as angular value (k), adjusting this way that the pyramid had 150 ms of altitude.

h = k . d h = 500 x 0,3 = 150 mts.


All these works of measurement and construction of buildings make that Theoricles was a respectable master in the architecture that conserved during a long period of his life, till his studies and philosophic theories take he toward a more deep and complicate way of thinking.


As we see Theoricles improves the measurement method of Thales of Miletus when he advance from the triangles concept to the planar angles, with which making his device (right triangle) with two equivalent legs and with metric marks in the vertical leg (marker leg) he got simplify the measurement with alone two measures (k, d) instead of the three in the Thales of Miletus method. ( A,B; C,D).

Thales A / B = C / D ---------- Theoricles h = k . d

His device also enlarges the measurements tothe observed areas, as we see in the anterior drawing.

S = Sk . d^2

The Theoricles' mind.


Theoricles had a somewhat complicate mind.
To early age he already was worried about how his mind and psychology could work.
Soon he considered that his mind could be similar to a sponge that goes absorbing, capturing and stuffing with the knowledge of all the things that surrounding him.
It could be said that in part he was not alone Theoricles, but also the residence and content of the multiple knowledge, properties and cosmic characteristics that went penetrating inside his mind from the extensive cosmos that surround him, those which give him all his capacity of intelligence and sensitive behavior.
He saw itself as a cosmic body that acts by means of principles of intelligence, creativity and sensitivity also cosmic.
The taking of conscience of this complex personality will be very positive in his life because it will produce a great capacity of interrelation with all the surrounding nature, from which, he went learning and capturing the characteristics and cosmic foundations.
But mainly because this great interrelation with this natural medium will produce him a deep feeling of accompanying, self-security and self-confidence that never lost.
"Never was alone; he has the whole nature around him to be related with it, the one that was going supplying and explaining all what in it was detailed."
We can say that in some way he "told about" with the natural elements that surround him: He observed all slow and deeply, assimilating all the principles and foundations of nature, getting to understand and feel them in all their peculiarities.
Perhaps it is no friend with who speech in that moment, but then he can observe a tree, forest o river, understanding and feeling what they were making; similar to the friend that relates his life.
A little crazy, of course!

Analyzing his mind more specifically, he was realizing of some peculiarities of the same one. One of them was the capacity of intelligent interrelation that the minds have.
If we give them varied information on any fact or event, any mind can go interrelating similar data for deducing later, by itself, new elements still unknown, but obtained by similitude and solution to the ones that we already know.
Say, minds are entities able to produce by themselves new conceptions and creations of different types, as well intelligent as sensitive.
This occurs due to the Cosmos work in similar way, using the maximum logic possible, relating physical elements and laws to build all the cosmic creations. And our mind is a small copy of the cosmos properties by observation and recording.

For example, if to our mind we give the numbers 5 and 8, taking conscience and knowledge of their values, then the mind can make an addition for obtaining the number 13; a multiplication to obtain 40, etc.
In the same way, this can be made with all and each one of the physical principles, physical laws, natural knowledge, etc.
Say, intelligent interrelation among elements = production of new and more complex and sophisticated elements.

Now well, based in the same property of the cosmic intelligence of interrelation and production of new complex elements, from this intelligence a new cosmic foundation is born: The trueness feeling.

In the mental interrelations, the trueness will be defined as a feeling that produces in our mind the sensation of positive-negative or true-false when we analyze if the solution of any event of fact is correct or not.
This is a logical feeling due to all the mental circuit produce feelings that support all the mental works and behaviors, and the autonomous mental intelligence must to give these types of feelings when the solution to problems are correct (or not) with relation to this natural intelligence.
Then in the resolution of problems and physical events, the trueness feeling could produce a "warm sensation" if the solution is convenient, or contrarily, a "cold sensation" if the solution is erroneous.
Of course, this sensation alone occurs in minds that use to make it, and in concrete e important cases alone.
Not always.

Theoricles used this technique and for solving any problem he recorded and united in his mind all the knowledge relative to the problem to solve, jointly to the questions that solve; and not later in his mind grew the solution, generally after sleep and rest adequately.

Another question for the interest of Theoricles was the "conscience states". He thought:
[When having a problem to solve, I "switch on" in my mind all the data, knowledge and feelings that I have relative to the problem, beginning to revive and feel the problem in its totality, say, I take complete conscience of the same one.]
This case, if I go increasing progressively the data and feelings on the problems to solve, I get bigger revival and conscience about them, and this way, my mental and conscience capacities will go increasing progressively.
Say, my mind applies, contents and it is more related with the intelligence and creativity of the Cosmos, and then my content of the cosmic properties will be bigger every time.

Another characteristic that he goes discovering was that his Ego went to situating each time more near of the level of the "cosmic foundations" that possessed than in the simple body that contained them.

He usually said: "I am more my knowledge in architecture than my right leg".

To this form of mental works and taking of conscience he called "conscience states".

Rise and fall of Theoricles.


At the thirty years or so, he began to deep (or perhaps to rave) about the characteristic of objects, which when go away from us they seem to be smaller.
He thought,
"Perhaps matter really has the property of being showed bigger or smaller as for the place where is observed.
If an object is far from us we see it with little volume; if is near us more large, and if we are inside it or on it, then we inclusive can lose the exterior perspective and begin to analyze its interior structure"

Of course, to demonstrate it Theoricles already has his measurement formula h = k x d, where (k) is the angular value (planar angle) of his device, and (d) the distance to where the building to measure is situated.

Good, to conform his theories he must to formulate theorems, principles and postulates that would define and explain his scientific and philosophical thoughts.
This way, he must to begin for the basic, proposing and defining the principle that points the properties of matter, say, the objects to measure.

Principle of the Instability of matter

This first principle proposed was the Instability Principle of matter
This say us:
"Matter and the physical objects have the property of being showed in different size as for where the observers that treat of define them were situated. "

This way matter by itself is unstable and indeterminate, and alone conserve its relative interior dimensions, which allow to be recognized as differentiated objects.
"The dimensions of objects depend on the situation of the observers and their reference frames regarding to the observed objects".
As you see, a relativist thought in those times.


One of the proof that like very much to Theoricles was to propose two glasses (of vine usually) of the same shape, but one more large than the other one, situated and aligned the biggest to more distance so this way these seem to be of equal dimension and contents when they are observed from this adequate position.
Later on, once the observer was convinced of the same size and contents in the two glasses, he approaches one next to the other one, being able clearly that one glass was bigger and with more vine than the other one.

Ubiquity Character of matter.

Any object not alone exists there where it is, but for many observer situated in different places and reference frames.
Take in mind the importance that this theories give to the observers, it is normal that if the observers can be in many places, also in many places has to be existence any object.
Alone the size and properties of objects are the ones that go varying depending on the place from where any observer is situated.
This way if situate next to a tree, we can observe and study many of its exterior properties.
If we penetrate inside the trunk, we can study its interior cellules.
If stay to 100 m, we also can see the tree and also its relation with other tree.
If we go and stay to 1000 m also can see the tree, but with less size, properties y characteristics, but we already can see it.
Say, the tree exists or could exist in any place and for any observer.
So, total subjection of the objects and physics to our observations and positions, like now occurs with the Relativity and QM.

To measure the ubiquity Theoricles used his formula, being the angular value (k) the parameter for measuring observations, in this case k = h / d
For example when observing a tree of 20 m. tall from a distance of 50 m. the field of observation (angular value k) will be:
k = 20 / 50 = 0,4
Then, and as for this gauge, for Theoricles a good vision and observation for studying an object will be values next to k = 1.

With much lower values the object will go losing size and characteristic, die away, and disappearing finally.
This way, for very small values of (k) the objects end up for disappear from our observation and then they fall in the fields that we now know as Uncertainty.

Very superior values say us that we are situated and studying the interior of the object, or we are situated on a part of the surface of the same one uniquely.
For example, if we are placed to 1 meter of the trunk of a great tree of 20 m, really we are situated next to a portion of the trunk only, and here we scarcely can observe the top of the tree.


This case if we want to see correctly the whole tree, we need to go away to a distance from the trunk of 20 m.

Plane and exponential dimensions of space with the Theoricles formula.

If we look at, this simple formula of Theoricles (k = h / d) represents a wide definition of the Cosmos structure because it can measure and contain the two space dimension (plane and exponential), situating us in a determined point of them.
Let me expose two examples for explaining it.

1.- Plane dimension of space:
If we apply the formula (k = h / d) on a planet (1.000 km. diameter) belonging a far star to 100.000 years-light from us.
k = 1.000.000. / = 0,000000000000001, (10^-15).
It gives us a very small angle k (k = 10^-15) and so, impossible for the planet observation.

2.- Exponential dimension

But if now we want to apply the formula on an electron, we need to divide the electron dimension by the distance:
k = 0,000000000000001 / 1 = 0,000000000000001, (10^-15).
Obtaining similar value (10^-15) and so, also impossible for the observation.

As you can see, both values are very small what says us that we are very far from the situation of the planet and electron, but while the planet is far from us in lineal distance; the electron is far from us in exponential distance.
In both cases we are far from them, but with distinct type or concept of dimensional distance.

2b.- But let me apply now the formula on the known universe, which supposedly measures about 5 x 10^26 m.
k = 5 x 10^26 / 1 = 5 x 10^26
* Here the distance (d) is 1 already we are inside the universe.

This case the angular value (k) result is infinitely big (5 x 10^26) what says us that we are situated inside de Universe, in an infinitesimal part of it.

So the k value (planar angle) can measure us our situation regarding any other object inside the Cosmos, either in the plane dimension as in the exponential one, being this way very important this module of demarcation (k) in our cosmic situation.


These philosophic thoughts were being taken in mind by the scientific world of that epoch, getting to deep in the most contemporary minds.

The Underworld (Duat) and the Upper-world (Dut).

Once introduced in the theory of the inconsistence of matter Theoricle began to wonder about the religious foundations of his epoch, as for example if they got real and scientific explanation or not.
If they were there, any of true should have on them!
At first if matter is inconsistent regarding to us then also we must to be inconsistent regarding to it.
Say, perhaps in some way we could penetrate inwardly through the matter till the infinitely small, and inversely, perhaps we also could expand ourselves till embrace all the known universe.
For the mind of Theoricles this was mathematically possible.
If we take the angular value (k) of his formula and go making it grows indefinitely, we go approaching to the smaller objects, seeing them each time bigger.
And vice versa, if we go decreasing the angular value (k) when we are observing the sky, when (k) gets the value 1 our dimension will be the same than the sky and we are embracing galaxies, stars, suns, etc.
Very funny to be true!

Nevertheless he was convinced that this was possible, and thought:
This way should be as dead pass toward the underworld, and as pharaohs go to the upper-world.

Say, this was not alone religious beliefs, but besides real physical states that should be produced when we die, and while part of our body last mummified, the most important and essential parts of our being go adapting to the underworld and upper-world for living there a new life.
Possibly pharaohs were the life of anterior pharaohs come here from the underworlds, which later on will pass to another superior level toward the upper-worlds.
Inversely, we make the path in the contrary sense; toward the underworlds.
Surely all these levels of existence are similar and we can go travelling from level to level.

Good, to these parallel worlds with similar composition and characteristics are the ones that our friend named as The Residences.
*Several centuries later these Residences will be known as the Fourth dimension of space.

The Theoricles Gods

Theoricles was mainly a scientist and for this reason instead of believing in Gods and later on to explain the Cosmos by means of these beliefs, he firstly studied the cosmic creations and later on he looked for the adequate Gods able to make these cosmic creations.

To him the Great God was Ra, who contained all the intelligence, sensibility and creative capacity that exist in the Universe.
Although, for organizing and make work to all these capacities, Ra believed better to split into two main sons, each one of them will be occupied of one method of work in the Universe.
In essence, these primary Gods for the Cosmos construction will be Chaos and Ptah.
Both gods was necessary for the cosmic creation, because while one moved, destroyed, eroded, etc., the other one combined, ordered and built new elements each time more complex, functional and vital.
Both gods was necessary because con alone erosion and destructions nothing important could be created.
But without erosion and destruction of the already created, the cosmos will get to a state of perfection, complexity and stagnation that will make impossible new creations.
This way, so the Cosmos could be vital it is needed creation together erosion and destruction for creating newly.
* A particular case would be ours, where the God Chaos destroyed to the dinosaurs for later on the God Ptah could create us in the same place.

Then the Gods Chaos and Ptah would be particularities as:

Chaos, the destructor: (from the Greek mythology)
Motion, confrontation and crashes among cosmic elements.
Erosion, breaking, rupture and wear thin of elements and creations.
Illness, ageing and death of the alive beings.

Ptah (Order), the maker: Technical and architect who continuously used the confrontation and motion of the cosmic elements to compare them, uniting their qualities and forming constantly new and more sophisticate and complex elements.
This way Ptah is the maker and developer of any type of life

Say, where Chaos destroys- Ptah creates and rebuilds. And where Ptah creates - Chaos erodes and destroys.

Really the God Ra should be very satisfied with his sons when seeing as they manage all the creativity in the Universe.
Say, the Great Ra creates basic cosmic elements consistent in principles and laws of actuation, with multiple qualities and characteristics each one of them, given them later to his sons Chaos and Ptah for they can work in an immense and constant creation.


The technique of Ptah.

Theoricles studied a little the basic technique that could use Ptah to construct and organize all the cosmic creation.
He was very interesting on it because considered himself a disciple of Ptah when his main works was architecture, physics and mathematical science.

He observed that with the works of Chaos of moving and confronting the physical elements in the cosmic space, Ptah had the possibility of comparing qualities of elements, making that they could complement themselves with their respective qualities creating new elements each time more complex, sophisticated and with new properties *.
(* For example the union of different types of atoms with different and complementary properties to form many types of molecules, macromolecules, cellules, etc., each time more complex. )

This way, when two or more elements with complementary properties meet, they can unite and recombine their properties forming new elements more complex and better endowed for their subsistence.
To this principle for the complementation and improvement of qualities Theoricles called: Symbiosis* and on this it is founded the Evolution of the Universe.
(* Symbiosis = union and complementation for improving)
Say, inside the Chaos with the motion, approximation and crash among the physical elements, these approach among them comparing complementary qualities and characteristics and when the qualities are complementary they unite to form new more complex element and bodies.
To these successive and continuous formations, improvement, and each time more sophisticate elements and bodies is to what Darwin called Evolution.

In this sense we can say today that: The Symbiosis is the Method and the Evolution is the Result.

Symbiosis: Interrelation, comparing, complementation and improving unions among complementary cosmic elements.

Evolution: Creation of new compound already they are physical, vital and environmental, all they each time better and more complex and sophisticated.

The Essences

In spite of Theoricles thought when dying we move to the underworld, although when looking at the dead he sees as in they something lacks, but also something lasts.
Then he gets the conclusion that in any alive being, (inclusive in objects) should exist by a side a support, container or vessel, and besides some Essences that stuff and give consistence y sense to the being and objects.
To explain and consider this study, he decided call Vessels to the containers that will last in its natural world; and Essences to the content that will be free of moving toward any other world, underworld or upper-world.

With this, he already was able to explain all the observed and established in religion about the live and death:
The transcendence towards underworlds and upper-worlds would take place alone by the essences, while the supports or vessels would be natural, lasting always in its own worlds and serving as hosts and houses to the essences to give body, size and capacity of manifestation to the some ones.
This way, when an essence tries to establish in a determined place for the formation of any concrete alive being or object, this will produce a more or less process of germination and development of the being to conform.
And when the being dies, the essence goes to develop to other place of the universe.

The essences' characteristics could be divided in three aspects:

Intelligence to create, direct and execute correctly any action and composition, there where they are.
Sensibility, for valuing and deciding what things should be done, and what don't.
Mobility, for executing any taken decision.

As it is logical, a dead doesn't have any of that; and the alive beings have all that.

So, the Essences only are the ones that don't die, being able to pass and go to any place of the universe, and there, execute their qualities.

Now well, not alone the human have these qualities, but also animals and object such as trees, rives, seas, meadows, etc.
And then Theoricles could establish universal principles for the creation:

"Essences can't be created nor destroyed, and they can move to be executed in other places of the universe"
"The Mobility of the Essences impel them to move along the universe, to be placed, and to be developed and act there where they are" "Essences don't have limit of actuation and can travel and execute in any world, underworld or upper-world."

The Essences' foundations

But here the Theoricles questions don't end up, because as we can see, he had an endless curiosity.
When reasoning, he wanders that such as important elements of the universe (the essences) must to have also great importance and foundations, say, they must to be basic principles in the formation of this universe.
So, what will be the Essences really?
The response will arise as usually does; in the deepest moments of tranquility and sedateness.
And then a good day, when he woke up, his mind already contained the solution:

I got it! Essences are the ways of expression and speaking that the great God Ra uses with us and by itself.

Much better that words, are the actions and creations that he makes.
It is were inadequate for a God to express thing with languages; better with actions and creations, say, emitting, spreading and planting his essences.

This way Ra shows us his capacities and qualities expressing with facts his abilities, power, intelligence, and mainly, his sensibility and love for the life.

As it is said:
A picture has more worth than thousands words...
To which he supplemented with ...
And an object can produce millions of pictures.

This conclusion should be correct because when a human being observes deeply any great creativity of Ra (Valley, river, forest, mountain, etc.), he feels cheerful and happy, what indicates us that it is due we have direct relation and communication with He, and with the things that he is showing and giving us.

So the Essences are the ways that use the Great Ra to express, manifest, discover and give to know continuously his qualities, not alone to his creatures, but as own necessity of manifesting, reviving and value them, say, to feel that He is alive.
Neither the Great Ra could remain inert, without expression or manifestation.
Neither us, as essences of Ra, can be happy in inoperative or indifference state.

Then, let's choose the way of the happy creations and manifestations in our daily live, while we are waiting for new enterprises after to pass the death gate.

Starting from that days, Theoricles understood that priests and religious aren't the true ambassadors of Ra in the world; but scientists, architects, arts, humanists, etc., because they are the ones that treat to know, value, learn and copy the creations of Ra, and later on, to be able offer them to the human beings.

* The Essences of Theoricles translated and considered with the current science and concepts of our time, they can be defined as the set of natural laws (mathematical, physical, chemical, etc.) those which direct, order, execute, structure and build any object or element in the Cosmos.
These laws are perennial, unchangeable, invariable, and why not immortal, which execute in all places of the universe.
But besides, Theoricles already considered that essences have several levels of application, extension and execution, as much in simple structural way (in the formation of objects) as in more complex and composed form, as the properties and characteristics of animal and human beings of being able apply and execute the essences by themselves.
For example in animal and mans could be: adequate motion, solution of problems, construction of mechanisms, communication among them, etc., questions that required more or less quantity and accumulations of essences to different levels of complexity.
But at the end, they are essences that the cosmos has and pass to the animal and man minds.

Say, for Theoricles an immortal soul (human essences) already existed, which the human use when having observed and learned from our surrounding nature, and this way, they aren't our but acquired and passed from the cosmos.
These essences were here before us, and will be here after us.
They formed and developed our body, and "stuffed" our minds with their properties and attributions.
Later on, when we die, these cosmic essences will build new beings and go back again to stuff their minds for this way the new men can execute them newly.


But what at the begin seems to be a great philosophic and scientific contribution, with time went to become into complicate, confuse, insure and ethereal explanations about the surrounding nature.
Metaphysically his postulates were very interesting and deep; but physically his theories collide with the material concepts of these times.
His postulates produced much uncertainty and insecurity when treating of analyzing matter, its properties, dimensions and uses.
Many people wonder:
How much of reality has matter?
When is real this architectonic building? When I am next to it; when I am to some distance; never, always; always is uncertain and unstable?
Are objects really illusory mental creations alone?
O really objects alone exist when we are studying them?

During a lot of time this philosophy was applied to many aspects of the live, already were scientific, particular o human, inclusive military or religious.
And what at first seems to be a simple mental game, end up to be something much serious and dangerous.

Many fanatics of this philosophy used to sleep over his treasures and possessions for fear to, when being far, they could shrink or disappear.

There were military thoughts that told that when going away the enemy, this goes being smaller in all its attributions, being less dangerous for our soldiers. Then, as for this philosophy, the getaway in the battle was justifiable and good for the army.
"If the soldiers getaway, then the enemy and us go shrinking ones regarding the other ones and the destruction can be avoided", which will demonstrate indirectly the great worth of the Theoricles theories about the inconsistence of matter.

Then, a Great Pact among the armies can avoid any type of war, the conservation of our territory and properties, and so, the universal peace forever.
Really marvelous to be true!

These postulates and scientific bases went creating him a lot of enemies in the thought's world, and with more or less reason, he was accused of egocentrism, of promoting that nature, physics and matter depend and obey our particular vision of things, but not the vision of Gods.

The consistence of matter and object depended of our vision, and they end up disappearing if we don't see them.

The insecurity and uneasiness scientific and particular was such great, that impossible of supporting it, the pharaoh Ptolemy decided that was time of eliminating such nebulous and mad thoughts, ordering the prison and later secret execution of Theoricles; and the destruction of all his studies and scientific works.
Theoricles and his postulates should be lost and forgotten forever.

This way, it wasn't piety neither for Theoricles nor his postulates and works.
It is believed that alone some of his works were hidden in the Alexandria Library, but never were encountered.

Although the Pharaoh admired very much to Theoricles and his philosophic theories, feeling great considerations for his scientific works, and this way he decided respect his memory with some of his postulations ordering were buried in the Pharos island, between the Isis and Poseidon temples to such distance and situation that both were seen with the same tallness from this position. (Identical angular value k)
And in this form was mowed his productive live

Never his body was encountered, perhaps when not having been found, and his already near inexistent bones stay still in the most sad solitude and ignorance, waiting perhaps that somebody in someday could wonder, "of who could be this old skull"

But as the history repeat, several centuries after new scientists go back to promote similar theories of uncertainty, indetermination, instability, relativity, virtual objects, etc.
Posterior to the relativity also will be proposed the Theoricles Residences as the Fourth dimension of space, where will be understood the existence of live in intelligent development in these Residences.

In the same way it will cause great impact in the future society the proposition and acceptation of the Theoricles Essences as basic y main content inside any cosmic element and object, inclusive in the human beings.
Surely then we will are ready to know, and why not, for studying the true nature of the Great god Ra, or the name that takes in these times.
Remember, to study Ra is not a sin, but a necessity and obligation of making it, because to the same time we are studying our own nature.

But this time there will be no pharaoh to prevent or censure these scientific and philosophical thoughts.

Perhaps these new proposals also will produce insecurity and contradictions in science, but possibly these times would be more permissive with the new thoughts, inclusive these new thinkers can be treated as true doctors of the science.

In any case let's offer admiration and respect to the one that gave the live for his ideas, who neither got enough luck for that his works remain in time and history.
Honor and recognition for him, hopping that he is sharing table and halls with all the pharaohs gods of his times.


P. D.

A few witnesses told about when Theoricles went to be executed, amazingly his aspect look like emits great peace, tranquility and interior security; seeming to take a deep smile and some hurry and enthusiasm for getting his next fate.

Absorbed and abstracted in his thoughts, he was sure that soon will come back possibly in forest form; perhaps as river of valley; perhaps as a humble but very important scientists; and why not, as a king of a furthest county, or as an important counselor of the Pharaoh.
Really he seems to have some hurry and an intense desire of opening his death gate and go to into his new live.

Perhaps he lives not far from us, characterizing any famous invention such as the electronic, computation, television; as un important medicine such as antibiotics or vaccine; as a famous character, scientist, artist, etc., or simply as fireman.