The man and the testosterone
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At first, perhaps we are not very clear about when and why the monkey began to develop to become human.
But analyzing it a little we probably infer that it was due to the high level of intelligence of our grandparents the monkeys, which began to disturb their minds and to deepen more and more in the nature of things.
When observing seated in the safety of his favorite tree to the things that surrounded him with his already acceptable intelligence, perhaps it was the starting point for his following general development.

This way a good day they would say:
Why we not go down from our tree and take advantage of so many interesting things that are on the ground.
Maybe there is many dangers down there, but we will be organizing and solving them?

And once settling and colonizing the ground, they had to organize themselves in vigilance and defense in order to continue and defend their new domains.

But what they needed when being weak individuals with few defense weapons?
Because of organization, union, intelligence and improvement of faculties to impose their domain.
And for this last, the body should be strengthened in the physical and instinctive behavior to face the struggles that were coming.

So step by step, he developed his aggressive capacity to defend himself from the hostile environment so diverse in which he had decided to live.
Aggressive capacity that grew so much that it ended up becoming a ferocious and ruthless being prepared for fighting with all other animals, and even for its own species.

The mand and the testosterone
Influence of testosterone on the aggressiveness of man

Well, once our ancestors settled down to live on the ground, where they should be more competitive with the other animals, much better endowed than our ancestors, these circumstances would force them to improve their collaboration and association by creating tribes to hunt and defend together and protected among them.
With certainty, the united females would try to hide and defend the offspring, and the males would have to fight, hunt and defend their territory.
And this need for combat, attack and aggression would produce in the males an increasing capacity of aggression in combat, and diversification of strategies to achieve greater security and productivity in their work.
And for it nothing better than to expand those physical, psychic and endocrine abilities also, which gradually converted them into increasingly aggressive males and fighters with other animals, and also among themselves.


And this is where the collective development of humanity starts, where with struggles, particular and collective wars, etc., as well as associations and cooperation between individuals and collectives, they expanded in any direction and sense their particular development, adaptation and domination of the environment, achievement of new goals, mental development, etc.


Today we can see all the buildings that were produced along centuries.


We can also consider the disasters, wars and destruction that occurred every day, with thousands and thousands of deaths.
And of course all this due to the high degree of aggressiveness that this being already human (mainly man), had managed to introduce into his character and behavior.


Now, at this point of our development we should stop a little and ask ourselves: Really we have achieved something good for our humanity, or should we have following eating fruits in the treetops?
Of course, much more calm and tame.

I think not, that nature itself has guided us along the path of development, and that has given us many more benefits than harm.
Nor should we blame ourselves so much and give us such bad qualifications, as we do today.

I think if we did a survey and asked people who are going on their vacation, eating and visiting so many wonders building what would they prefer:
The circumstances of now, or continue eating bananas on top of a tree?
They would say to us with total security: Better to leave the things as they are now.

Relationship man woman


In the moments in which we live, perhaps we should do a minimum analysis on ancestral and current relations between men and women.
As this analysis is made by a man, because maybe not all the partial that would be desired.

We have said, and I think that there is no doubt about it, that man is an aggressive being, and that in his negative side he can be a real malefic, destructive, and why not, a murderer.
And it is this way because he has been preparing during a long period of time for fighting, overcome, dominate and appropriate the world in which we live.

But it would not be fair and we should not separate the one from the other, the benefits of the damages.
If we have development, factories, abundant food, culture, technology, knowledge, medicine, poetry, mathematics, philosophy; Cooperators, doctors, etc., of what we are happy, participate and enjoy, we shouldn't forget all this, and only to claim and complain about the defects of man.
If such a person discovers the cure of cancer, then let's reward him for it.
And if such a person murders a defenseless being, then life imprisonment and that works for society.