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This author is looking for any university that wants to be in the future the depositary and guarantor of all his works, and keep them published in the web.

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Brief information on my works

My interest for the cosmology and metaphysics took place almost spontaneously when I was studying the atomic structuring.
The breaking idea was the comprehension of the fourth dimension, and with it, the intelligent principles and consistence in the Cosmos structuring (about 1968). (Metaphysical point at the end)
In a brief period of time I arrived to a quite approximate understanding of many of the basic cosmologic principles on where my current theories lean, such as the fourth dimension, energy, magnetism, etc. and metaphysics basic principles, which are included in the Metaphysics page (at the moment in Spanish) with link in the top.
In 1975 I began to try to disclose my cosmological and metaphysicians theories and during this whole time I have developed complementary concepts in cosmology and chemical structuring, as well as physical and mathematics formulas exposed in the web pages of the top.
I have written several books and summaries of my theories, with object mainly of inscribing them as author, but I have not been able to make public none of them through any means of communication till 2001.

Data and brief personal history.

I was born in Casabermeja (Malaga) August 30 1949.
The first nine years of my life I passed them in the countryside (Los Portales, Casabermeja district) with hardly attendance to school, except to be able to make the first communion.
I have been the unique son of my parents and therefore I have not had the company of any brother in my childhood and adolescence.
To my nine years we move (with my family) to the Malaga town where we have lived until the moment and where I have carried out my scarce studies that could be summarized in the following ones:
Three years (from 1959 to 1963) of primary studies until being able to pass to a school of professional formation where in four years (from 1963 to 1967) I acquired the specialty and title in the branch of mechanics of automobile.
Later on I passed to the Industrial School of Technical Engineering where, after two courses, I begin to revise and develop my points of view on the cosmic structuring with works in cosmic and atomic models, mathematics, molecular structuring, metaphysics, etc.
Later on, and for reason lung illnesses, I had to abandon my professional works with different degrees of labour inability, and during this time till now I have continued developing and completing my theoretical works on cosmology, molecular structuring and others.
In 1991 I got married with my wife Ana Maria Frutos Sanchez, not having had any son in our marriage.

Characteristics and communication of my works.

During the last thirty years of studies and construction of my cosmic and metaphysical theories, I have been able to check as all the basic principles of the same ones coincide, are complementary and explain in a quite clear way the structuring of the cosmos or universe, so much in its physical part as in its metaphysical one.
It induces me to think that I am a lot of right in my conclusions and so these theories explain how the universe is and how the same one is built.
Likewise in its metaphysical part my theories explain the reason of the human beings' birth, as well as the human relationship and likeness with the cosmos.
It doesn't means my deductions have to be totally guessed right in all and each one of their points, nevertheless I am convinced that although could be erroneous data, the whole of these theories is a quite approximate study to the comic reality.
For that reason, and being convinced that my cosmological deductions are quite approximate and correct, I am surprised every day that they are not even reviewed or considered by institutions dedicated to astrophysics, cosmology or atomic structuring.
If new theories of unification, cosmology, new physics for particles, etc. that explain and integrate all the cosmic principles are asked for and continually awaited, why do not it is analysed what it is exposed for this purpose in these fields of research?

Now then, starting from 1975 I have been trying to publish and to give to know, year after year, all my theories on cosmology, chemical structuring and mathematics:
- I have tried it with scientific magazines (American Scientist, Nature, Newton, Muy Interesante, American Mathematical Monthly, etc.); also with almost all the information media.
- Also with the University means (more than sixty Universities, mainly to the university of Malaga); more than twenty thousand studious as scientific, university professors, etc.
- With many Physics institutes, particles institutes (CERN, Fermilab, PPARC, etc.), Astrophysics institutes, etc.

Now then, with the irruption of Internet in the media I have had the opportunity to create my own website (starting from 2001), where I can expose my conclusions, although alone they are very summarized.
For these reasons I thank to all those who revise and visit my website and its recommendation if these studies were found interesting.

Later on (starting from 2009 approx.), I have been able to publish some my works (by payment) in few magazines and publications.
Also in several scientific web pages, as can be: Academia.edu, ResearchGate, Internet Archive, Archive.is, Goggle, etc.

Beside this, I will continue attempting and dedicating part of my time to inform and try to get that my works are published and known in the scientific means, because I would not like that in the future my proposals could be "forgotten" neither somebody can adduce "lack of information" on the same ones; neither that in the future can be given dubious positions such as: "really, these theories already existed?"

** Here are some of my thoughts about my theories, works and the ability to present them, after thirty years of research:
"I have had no posibilities, means, power nor time to fight the great dinosaurs of Quantum Mechanics, Relativity and Standard Theory: I simply try to challenge them", with a theory of everything extremely simple and easy that explains all the cosmics foundations.



photos 1952 -- and -- 1965


Beginnings of my cosmic model (1972 ---------------1976) or Theory of everything



Photos 1989


[HOTLIST] 2008

[HOTLIST] 2008





Although at a high level of scientific institutions, the consideration towards me has been null and I never received even a reply of simple courtesy, on a personal level I have had more luck and from my exposition of my works in the web (from 2001) there has been a sector of cosmology loving such as engineers, studious of different cosmology topics, managers, students, etc., of which I have received support and interest for the development and history through the time of my studies.
I have also received petition of my books or written works, which I never sent because I don't have the opportunity to make any publication, exception of simple copies for inscription as Intellectual Property.
For this reason I have had to remit them to my website. Sorry very much for this circumstance.
Because well, all these people that now (although distant) I consider my friends and before were unknown for me, all they have sent me their support when seeing my pages in the web, which means clearly that their support is completely sincere because it has not been requested previously.
Therefore I thank a lot their interest for my work and their support toward me.
At the same time they have given me enough security in the main topic that infused me many doubts: If my theories were really understood by other persons.
I have seen in the different support samples that are totally comprehensible for almost all, so much fans to the cosmological topics as to the other matters that I expose.
Besides, I have received many positive qualifications.
For everything I feel myself quite satisfied and grateful.
Thank you friends.

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Since my youth (around 1968) I thought I understood quite well some fundamentals of the Universe that accompanied me all my life and that I believe were very positive for understanding the cosmos that creates us.
As outlined in the drawing, the cosmos or universe is an intelligent and creative entity that lives its qualities and characteristics through the large-scale creation of everything that exists in this universe.
Therefore for the Cosmic Entity, creating is living and expressing its characteristics and attributions, that is, creating is a "vital necessity" for the Cosmic Entity; just as it is for us.
In the deepest or most essential, the cosmos consists of intelligence and creativity, and even feelings and sensitive.
Both space and time; energy, matter, particles, atoms, stars, etc. it's all outright smart creativity.
We could say that space and time (which are simple intelligent concepts = scenary and movement) would be the first traces of creation, and then with these, the Cosmic Entity will create everything we know, including ourselves.
So, as expressed in the drawing, we are simple creative bodies (soap bubbles) with enough intelligence content to also be able to create by ourselves.
That is, the Cosmic Entity (the girl who makes the soap bubbles) makes her creations (we = the air or soap bubbles stuffed of cosmic intelligence) that we fly and move, to later die and stop using that air or cosmic intelligence that was lent to us by a short period of time.
Therefore it could be said here that:
"Air or cosmic intelligence we are - and in air or cosmic intelligence we will dissolve or integrate newly".
Knowing a little about this, if possible from a young age, is very interesting because we will understand and appreciate almost everything that happens or is created around us at its right value, and we will have the peace of mind that at the end, we will join again to this universal intelligence that contains everything.


One point of Metaphysics: Universal consciousness

About 1968, when I was studying the atomic structure I felt a deep intuition (Si*) that told me that atoms and stars had the same structure and function.
(Si*) Sparkly intuition: Strong intuition/sensation that says us "we are in the correct way".
Logically there must also be levels lower than atoms, and higher than stars.

If this postulate is correct, then the Cosmos is built through a new dimension, the Fourth dimension, where units of any level as can be atoms, unite to form the superior level as they are stars, and so forth toward superior levels.
In contrary sense, atoms should be composed by the union of sub-atoms and so forth toward inferior levels.

If this postulate is correct, (and it seems to be this way), it implies many and important physical and metaphysical consequences.
Apart from the physics theories that my web exposes, it imply very important metaphysical deductions, as can be the following ones:

-- The Cosmos doesn't have any compact element or material; all is a composition of other inferior elements.
-- Although apart from not exist any compact and stable material, the Cosmos is completely stuffed of infinite intelligent and creative elements.
That is, el Cosmos or Universe is an infinite intelligent, sensitive and continuous creation, which to be totally integrated, the Universe forms an intelligent and sensitive Entity.
-- So, if we analyze and obtain the essence of the Cosmos, we alone end up obtaining infinite creativity.
For wherever we look, we will only observe intelligent and sensitive creativity in constant transformation.
When deeper would be our gaze and observation, the deeper will be our feelings of life, admiration and happiness.
But why? Because of creativity is what produces happiness in the cosmos.

Mythologically speaking, the happiness in the Cosmos is the "Happiness of the God/gods when they produce and observe their own cosmic creativity". And we share a little of these cosmic capabilities.

But then, what are we?

- Because the same: A developed creation with certain capacity of creativity, although in a small scale.
Say, by observation and assimilation, we are a small compendium of the qualities that surrounding us, getting this way properties that the Cosmos has.
Then, we can go obtaining the qualities and consciousness of the cosmic self and go passing from the consciousness of a simple animal to having and enlarging our awareness of the cosmic entity.
Very important question, because we will go passing from animal defects, fears and disadvantages to the advantages of the cosmic consciousness towards which we walk.
The cosmic consciousness is very good for us because of it allows us to be more and more unite to the timeless Cosmos and go forgetting the sad and poor animal existence.
It is very different to feel like a simple mortal animal, than to feel like an immortal cosmic entity.
(i.e. What can my death matter, if my spirit and consciousness is linked and felt the same than the cosmic consciousness?
So the path and purpose of the intelligent beings seems to be of being transformed more and more into beings with cosmic intelligence and sensitivity, acquiring with it a cosmic consciousness each time bigger.

Then friends, encourage !!!, and let us go into the rich, wide and rewarding cosmic consciousness.